About me

Hi, I’m Ofir Eyal Bar

Born and raised in Israel, I moved to the United Kingdom in search of more business opportunities. Today, I take pride in the level of success that I have achieved, with properties in the United Kingdom, Israel and South Africa.

I’ve experienced all types of real estate investments. In fact, my holdings range from residential buildings to a materials mine in South Africa. As a result of my own investing, I have faced some of the most complex challenges in the space, and am proud to report that I have overcome them.

Today, I live the life that I dreamed about years ago. My properties generate a strong income, allowing me to live the lifestyle that I want and providing me with the financial stability that I longed for.

My experience has given me the opportunity to do something amazing. To help others. Over the last several years, I’ve helped multiple real estate investors set the foundation for growth and build their property portfolios, each of them achieving incredible results of their own.

Aside From Work

While I love what I do, it’s also important to have a good work-life balance. When I’m not working on the next real estate deal or helping an investor achieve his goals, there are a few places that you may find me.

First and foremost, I value my community and am active within it. Often times, I volunteer with different non-profit programs, helping to strengthen and improve the community that I am ecstatic to be part of.

I’m also an avid travel enthusiast. I’ve visited several countries around the world and enjoy learning about the various cultures that make up the human race. I also find joy in seeing the drastic changes in the art of architecture from one region to another.

I’m also always on the hunt. Often times, when I’m on a vacation, I can’t help but make a phone call when I see a for sale sign. Then again, I don’t think of this as work. Ultimately, the art of the deal is something that I greatly enjoy!

All in all, I’m a normal guy. I’ve not only worked hard, but I’ve cared about my community. This has given me the ability to live an amazing life, surrounded by an amazing group of people. Often looking for the next opportunity, not only to profit, but to help, to have a good time, to travel… to live, I’ve enjoyed a fulfilling life to date and look forward to more of the same ahead!